Year 3 week 9

26th February – 4th March 2018

February challenge is now over. So it’s now onto the March challenge.

March is going to be a very difficult month for me. I have so much on and very little time to think about any new challenge. I am finding though that theses challenges every month are really working for me.

I have actually really enjoyed them when they’re done. During the month I do find it tough completing them but there is definitely a sense of achievement once the month is over.

So January I swam over 2000 lengths (20 miles) of a swimming pool. February I ran/ walked over 50 miles. So I thought for March I would combine the 2.

I thought I would swim 1000 lengths and run/walk 30 miles. It may not sound like enough but I know I have about 8 days where I can’t do any exercise at all this month.

To add to the challenge I thought I would also really try and lose weight this month too. It has been months since I have lost any weight. For some reason it just doesn’t want to budge anymore no matter how hard I try. All I can do is try my best.

As my February challenge ended the March challenge has struggled to get started. All this week I have had one of my children off school sick. All have had coughs and colds and generally feeling really rotten. It has gradually gone around the house causing everyone to get it.

I feel like we have been in quarantine all week trying not to pass it any further

This has slowed down my exercise a little. Trying to exercise when you feel that rotten isn’t much fun at all. I have managed to progress a little though.

There is one consolation and that is I haven’t really fancied eating too much. Hopefully this means I might actually lose weight!!!


Year 3 week 4

22nd – 28th January 2018

I decided at the beginning of this month that I wanted to do a challenge. The reason I wanted to do it was because I have a half marathon coming up in June and I needed to start training for it.

I decided to swim 2018 lengths of a 15 metre pool. I thought it would be good training to strengthen my legs with low impact on my knees. The discipline of doing it has been tough. Forcing myself to go everyday has not been easy. It has definitely given me focus though because I just didn’t want to fail this task.

I am happy to say that I completed this challenge this week. I thought this challenge was going to be tough but I find when I get my determined head on nothing stops me from succeeding. That’s probably why I finished with nearly a week to spare and I did more lengths than I was supposed to.

I have never really been very good at maths but I found myself calculating how far I actually swam

If I calculated correctly it turns out that I swan nearly 20 miles/ 32 kilometres in that time. Seeing the distance that way was really encouraging I couldn’t believe I actually swam that far.

As January is nearly over and the challenge for this month has gone really well I have decided to set a challenge for February. I have decided that next month I am to run/walk 50 miles. It seems like a totally unachievable task at the moment but if I get my determined head on I am in for a chance.

I suppose we’ll see how it goes.

Year 3 week 3

15th – 21sth January 2018

I have been swimming now almost everyday for 3 weeks. It is going really well and I only have just over 400 lengths to go until it’s completed.

This challenge has taught me a few things. I have realised that I can commit myself to doing an hours exercise a day even though some days are really hard and some days I am really busy. I always thought that I could never cope with that much exercise.

One of the reasons I am doing it is because I am doing another half marathon in June and I thought swimming was a good way to strengthen my legs with low impact on my knees. I do feel it is working – I feel like I have more energy and more strength in my legs.

I also feel so much thinner. My clothes are looking so much better on me than at Christmas. Since doing this challenge however I haven’t lost any weight at all!

I have been seeing Jenny, my nutritionist, for 2 years now. I have always done what’s she has told me to. Somethings she has asked me to do have been extremely hard but I do them because she has never lead me wrong once.

One thing she has told me from day one is that you can’t exercise out a bad diet.

It is very easy to do exercises and then think you deserve a treat afterwards and go and eat cake or something just as bad.

Since Christmas I have really struggled to get my diet back on track. All that swimming has made me extra hungry too. I haven’t been horrendously bad but I haven’t exactly been good either.

At first doing all that exercise and not losing any weight was frustrating but what it does do is prove that Jenny has got it right again and I need to physically sort out my diet.

That is always easier said than done.

Year 3 week 2

8th – 14th January 2018

I am now on my 2nd week of my swimming challenge. At this point of the month I was meant to have done 1,000 lengths of a 15 metre pool.

My challenge has been going really well. I have planned 2 days off a week but I have found that I have only taken one day off a week so far. Which means I am ahead of schedule having done 1,200 lengths.

I am a person who would prefer to exercise in the mornings. I like to get it out of the way and then the rest of the day is my own. With this challenge I have found it difficult to go every morning because sometimes things crop up that I have to do instead.

For me exercising has always been a bit of a chore – it’s something I do because I have to and not because I want to! To exercise when it’s not the morning is even more of a chore – I have to be really pushed to go later in the day.

A few times during this challenge I have had to really push myself to get the lengths in and that, on occasions, means going later.

This one day I did my swim later in the day and after there is a seat I usually sit on and look out of the window while I catch my breath. Through the window there is a field and lots trees to look out on. I have found it a nice time of reflection. On this occasion though it was especially nice as I got to see the sun going down and the sky was full of lots of amazing colours .

I sat there in awe as I watched this amazing sunset coming through the trees. One thing that went through my mind was that it was my reward for all those lengths and all the hard work I had put in. It made me proud that I hadn’t wasted my day.

As I said, exercising at night is particularly hard for me. But if I hadn’t of done it, if I hadn’t put in that extra effort, I would have missed that reward.

I have learnt, especially on this journey, that when you put in the effort, when you go the extra mile the rewards can be so much greater and that sunset was my reminder.

I don’t think I can now look at a sunset in the same way again from now on.

Year 3 week 1

1st – 7th January 2018

My eating in December was so bad that now we have hit January it’s all systems go.

There is a saying that I hear every new year and that is ‘New Year, New You’ and I always go by it. I make new years resolutions to try to improve certain situations and I have to say that this year is no different.

The year always starts well and as the months roll by those resolutions have gradually slipped. That’s definitely how last year went anyway!

For now though I am going for it. I have decided to give myself a challenge every month.

I have decided that my challenge this month is swimming. I have been using a pool that is 15 meters in length and the challenge is to swim 2018 lengths this month.

I set it on the 1st and thought for me to achieve this goal I will need to swim 100 lengths a day with 2 days off a week.

My challenge has started well and the first few days it was good. But once I got to days 3 and 4 it was taking its toll. Towards the end of the week it was getting easier.

I am not really finding this challenge easy. When I set it I thought it would be a challenge but not a huge push. I am finding it quite a chore though.

I have however managed to make the effort every day this week and I have already knocked 600 lengths off that target.

My eating has improved this month but it’s not perfect with all this extra swimming. I’m finding I am getting extra hungry which isn’t always good when you are trying to cut down.

Maybe I can do better next week.

Day 93

Saturday 2nd April 2016

I have been going for a morning swim in the sea every morning this week. I have been going with my nieces. We would swim out to a boat in the distance and swim back again, it would take a little over half an hour. 

I would then go straight to breakfast soaking wet.

I think I must have annoyed everyone leaving puddles everywhere I went. 

Today, though was the first morning I didn’t swim because we were leaving the hotel today. I really missed it. 

We are on a cruise for the second part of our holiday. 

I feel I have been eating healthily all holiday but I do feel like I have put on weight. I don’t understand why. It has made me a little disheartened.

Day 61

Tuesday 1st March 2016

Went for a morning swim with a friend, the water was so cold that we had to swim extra fast just to warm up. We did swim 30 lengths though.

Did my sewing class, this always stops me from feeling hungry.

I made a lamb bolognese for the first time. It tasted lovely and instead of having it with pasta I had mange tout. I loved it, I might do that again.

19st 3.2lbs.      0.4lbs⬇️.       29.8lbs⬇️total

Day 20

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Can’t believe I have lost 2lbs in one day. I thought it would come off sooner or later.

I was so encouraged today that I went for a walk and a swim.

After picking kids up I took them to McDonald’s not a very clever thing I know but I did keep strong and not have any.

I took a photo of myself today, you know, one of those hideous kinds that reveal everything so you can see how you have changed.

Sorry, I know I look bad I can only improve from now on.

20st 11lbs.  2lbs ⬇️.    8lbs ⬇️ total  🙂