Year 3 week 25

18th – 24th June 2018

This week has been very uninteresting really. Nothing amazing has happened, nothing is coming up in the near future I need to prepare for and there is nothing I really need to train for anymore either. In fact after my time away in Kenya I feel this week is a bit of an anticlimax.

I have spent all of this year and part of last year training to do that half marathon in Kenya. It has been what I have focused on for months and now I don’t need to do it anymore. In someways I am a bit sad but it also has its benefits.

One thing I have realised is how much I have neglected my kids in that time. It means I am spending more time with them and concentrating on their needs more which is definitely a bonus. The kids have been great and very understanding and incredible supportive throughout that time.

Another thing I have neglected is my nutrition. With all that exercise came extra eating to give me more energy to complete my challenges. Since increasing the exercise you would think I would lose weight but no, I haven’t lost any at all. In fact I have probably put it on rather than lose it.

So I have decided to use this time to concentrate on what I am eating. Over the last 2 half years I have learnt a lot especially about nutrition. I have learnt the best way to lose weight, what food does to your body, what kind of food I should and shouldn’t be eating and if I don’t remember any of it Jenny, my nutritionist, would soon remind me.

I feel now that I have all the tools I need and they are stacked neatly on the wall not being used. I might look at them from time to time debating whether to use them or not.

I am not in denial – I know if I started to use those tools that it wouldn’t be easy. However this week I have come to the realisation that there is no point having them if they are not going to be used. An unused tool is totally useless and has no benefit to anyone.

So I have decided that from tomorrow I am actually going to start using them. I have decided that for 2 weeks I am going to cut out artificial sugars and basically go back to the beginning again.

I know this is going to be really difficult for me but I feel, as I am confessing it, it will hopefully keep me accountable and in some ways make it easier.

So for once I actually have the right tools and I know how to use them. The challenge now is whether I can use them efficiently.


Year 3 week 19

7th – 13th May 2018

Sometimes in life you feel you can be doing things on your own. I very often think this.

It’s like I’m in my own personal little tug of war. A war against my emotions and I’m losing

my half marathon training has not been very easy for me and when I train on my own it is the hardest thing ever.

It’s so much easier when I have someone with me rather than being on my own.

The people I go with are all so much better runners than me. They go further distances and they can run nonstop. So, I am sure, when they are with me I am holding them back.

One of my friends ran the London marathon this year and this week she invited me to run with her. I said yes but when we turned up I realised that she had actually entered me into a 10k race.

I know I have done a half marathon before but I didn’t class it as a race because it was many different events not just a half marathon – I didn’t feel the pressure of finishing on time because I had marathon and ultra marathon runners coming in behind me.

So in my head what I did last week was my first race. It was no surprise to me that I came last. However my friend stayed with me the whole way. But we did it and I even got a medal!

Two days later I went with another friend and I wanted to do 8 miles. My challenge this month is to up my mileage by a mile every week gradually getting to 10 miles however we ended up doing 9 miles instead.

So that thought of me doing it alone is not true – I have so many people who are supporting me on this journey and without them I would never have got this far.

Doubling my fundraising target also shows me how much support I have.

So those times I feel like I am struggling and I am needing to try a bit harder, I am going to remember that I am not alone and there are people around me helping- helping pull that rope too

Day 364

Thursday 29th December 2016

One thing that has really helped me is my friends. I am very lucky to have some really great friends some I have known for a longtime and others I have only just met this year. 

I have found this year that I have made more friends and met so many more people than I would normally. One thing I realise is that more people understand what I have been going through this year because they are living with similar life struggles too. 

My journey has opened up so many conversations because a lot of people are battling the same journey. 

My friends this year have all been a great encouragement to me. Having people believing I can do it makes me believe it too. 

To know that my friends are behind me giving me a pat on the back has been such an encouragement this year. 

I have had people help by making me homemade soups, helping me exercise, cooking me dinner, making special food just for me. They have put up with me being grumpy, especially at the beginning of the year, and a whole lot more. I am so grateful for some great friends. 

Over the last few days I have told you about all the people who have helped me which shows how important it is to have good support. 

If you are wanting to go down a similar route next year it is important to have that support network because it is a vital part of your success. 

Everyone has someone they can ask for help, whether it’s a spouse, one of your kids, a friend or even a neighbour. 

I have been told in the past it’s a sign of weakness to ask for help but one thing I have realised is that it is actually a sign of strength. It takes a really strong person to admit that they need to change and need help to do so. 

So never be afraid to ask for help – it might just be the first step to a better life. 

Day 361

Monday 26th December 2016

Boxing Day

This year has been an amazing year for me. I have accomplished a lot but I couldn’t have done it without my family around me. 

The one person that made me start this journey this year is Matt. He was willing to give up on various work opportunities so that he could turn his attention to me. That is what made me want to start because Matt was willing to give up so much for me and I didn’t want to let him down. 

My kids have also put up with a lot from me this year too. They have been really understanding. 

The rest of my family have been a really great help too. I have lots of family in England and a lot in Australia as well

My sister, her husband and my nephew moved to Australia a few years back.  I also have an Uncle (my Dads brother) and Aunty who have lived there over 35 years. I have 2 cousins and another Aunty (my Dads sister) and her husband who have been there a few years too. 

Considering they are across the other side of the world they have been a constant support to me this year. They seem to like this blog and see how I am doing everyday. They are always giving me encouraging comments and very often I would get a private message with something they had resourced on my behalf. 

I just want to say a big thank you to you all. Even though you are over the other side of the world and I don’t see you every day I always look forward to your comments and I know I am going to miss them when my year is up. Thank you for being there. 

My family in England have also been a great help. I get to see them a lot more often so I don’t get so many comments but I do get them telling me things in person. Thank you all for being there for me. 

Without my family I don’t think I could have ever done so well. Support is something that is really important when you go through a journey like this. 

I guess it helps that I have a big family! 

Day 260

Friday 16th September 2016

On and off I have had a personal trainer for about 10 years, in that time I must have had about 5 trainers. I have always felt I needed one because if I didn’t exercise the weight would pile on. 

Matt was leaving on a cycle ride this morning and I said that he had so much motivation going and exercising by himself. I also told him that if Leon (my personal trainer) wasn’t coming I wouldn’t be exercising at all. 

Why is it that some people can exercise alone and others can’t. If I think back 10 years to when I first got a personal trainer I remember saying that one of my goals was to be self motivated and exercise by myself. That just hasn’t happened at all. 

I find nothing more boring than going to a gym alone getting on a treadmill and staring at the wall the entire time. 

However if I had friends running on the treadmills either side of me that would be so much more enjoyable. 

When I exercise with others I always turn up because if I don’t I won’t just be letting myself down. 

I think if I exercised alone I would not do a proper workout either – one sign of things getting difficult and I would stop. Other people help you to continue and see it through to the end.

That is how I feel with all the support I am getting. I have got so many people investing time, giving encouraging words and helping me that it makes me want to continue until the end. Because if I don’t I won’t just be letting myself down.

Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 6.2lbs.      ⬅️➡️.      68.8lbs⬇️total

Start weight 136.5kg

104.4kg.             ⬅️➡️.        32.1kg⬇️total

Day 175

Thursday 23rd June 2016

I think motivation can come from many different experiences.  

On January 1st (day 1) I was not very motivated at all.  I didn’t really believe that I would do very well. When the scales went down for the first time I all of a sudden became really motivated. 

I think motivation comes from how much you really want it and belief that you can do it.  So when I saw the scales go down for the first time I knew then that I really wanted it and I did believe that I could do it. 

The more the weight has been coming down the less self motivated I have become because my desire to lose weight has reduced. I think it’s because I am over half way to my goal. 

I find now that my motivation is coming from all the support I am getting. I know yesterday I said that when I get a compliment I found it hard to believe. However I do find that without the compliments I don’t think I could get as motivated. 

You are all my coxswain sitting at the front of the boat encouraging me to continue. 

So I just want to say thank you to all of you who are supporting me, encouraging me and believing in me. 


Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 13lbs.        0.4lbs⬇️. 62 lbs⬇️total

Start weight 135.6 kg

107.5kg.          0.2kg⬇️.    29.3kg⬇️total

Day 105

Thursday 14th April 2016

I have been on this diet now for 3 and a half months and there is only one thing that has kept me going, and that is that I have had a lot of SUPPORT. 

You need to have a lot of key people in your life. There have been many days, at the beginning especially, when I really needed help and encouragement. There was one day that I cried through my dinner and my son came over and rubbed my back – it sounds small but I think he sensed what I needed. 

However, the main support I am getting is from my husband Matt. 

He has given up so much for me this year.  He is a very keen cyclist and he loves to go out on his bike a few mornings a week, but now he goes for a walk with me instead. I have to say I love them. I am getting fitter and it’s the only real time we get to have a good conversation!

Matt is also a very busy man with lots of work on where as I don’t work.  I sit at home and do my hobbies of sewing and drawing but he has started to do the food shopping and even the cooking. I have been married for 19 years and I have to say he has never done those things before! However, he does it so I don’t have to look at the things I can’t eat as he understands the battle I’m facing and he wants to do all he can to see me succeed! 

But the fact that he has been so supportive means that I want to try harder because I don’t want to let him down. 

I am fortunate to have many other supportive people around me. I think embarking on such a lifestyle change as this can’t be done alone and I’m grateful to all those people who have helped and encouraged me. 
18st.            1.1lbs⬇️.        47lbs⬇️total

114.2kg.     0.6kg⬇️.      22.3kg⬇️total


Day 59

Sunday 28th February 2016

I couldn’t believe another pound off. I came down in the morning to find some flowers and an encouraging note from a friend. It’s nice to know people are on your side.

I was however today a little shaky in the Morning I haven’t had that in a while, I think when you drop weight it takes away your energy too. I didn’t feel hungry at all though.

I the afternoon I was so tired that I went to bed.

I still wasn’t hungry after 5 hours, so much so that I almost forgot to have dinner. I always feel I need to have it, even if I don’t feel like its a long time to wait till the next meal.

19st 3.2lbs.    0.9lbs⬇️.    29.8lbs⬇️total