Day 43

Friday 11th February 2016

Saw the nutritionist again today, it had been a month since the last time I was measured so we took the measurements again.

I lost:

9 inches off the waist

5 inches off the hips

2 inches off each leg

1 inch off each arm

I was amazed, couldn’t believe it was so much in a month.

I am really loving all the new flavours coming out in my diet menu options.

19st 12.9lbs.   0.2 lbs⬇️.       20.1lbs⬇️total



Day 14

Thursday 14th January 2016

Another happy day.

Went for another morning walk around the block. They seem to be getting easier I am even starting to enjoy them, they wake me up in the morning.

20st 13lbs.   1lb⬇️.   6lbs⬇️total.   😀