Day 38

Sunday 7th February 2016

Day 11 of detox

I am really proud of myself I have stuck to the diet for so long.

It is getting really boring though, I can’t wait to finish this detox, only 3 days left.

I am still a little shaky.

20st 0.2lbs.     0.7lbs ⬇️.     18.8lbs⬇️total



Day 36

Friday 5th February 2016

Day 9 of detox

I don’t mind so much what I am eating any more. I kind of have this attitude that it doesn’t matter what it tastes like going in, it’s what it does on the inside that counts. I don’t seem to crave sweet things any more either.

I did go to M&S food and it bothered me a little.

Still feeling shaky, I am amazed how I can survive for so long on so few calories it must be the quality and not the quantity that counts.

20st 1.1lbs.   0.7lbs⬇️.     17.9lbs⬇️total

Day 31

Sunday 31st January 2016

Day 4 of detox

I am still eating food I don’t like, but I am going to persevere with it in the hope that I do get to like it.

By late morning I got very giddy and shaky and I couldn’t shake it off, not even after lunch. I was so bad at lunch time that I cried my way through it. I just couldn’t cope any more.

Had to go to bed in the afternoon but I was really struggling. I got to the stage where I wanted to quit I thought I would tell Jenny the nutritionist so I called her.

She said that I am doing really well and to keep going and that what I am feeling is natural because at the minute all the glucose is coming out of my liver and the shakes are like me going through cold turkey. She said tomorrow would be better.

So I didn’t quit.

After dinner a was a little better.

20st 3.7lbs.    1lb⬇️.     15.3lbs⬇️total😫😂😭

Day 22

Friday 22nd January 2016

Had to have a blood test today for the nutritionist its called a metabolic rate test. I went in the morning because I couldn’t eat before I had it.

I did however go for a walk first. Considering I didn’t eat before I went, I did alright. The hill is getting easier although I was a bit shaky.

I got very tired today.

20st 10.1 lbs.   I.4lbs⬇️.   8.9lbs⬇️total.  🙂