Year 2 week 36

3rd – 9th September 2017

I went to see a friend this week and while I was there we had a conversation about how she used to talk to her son almost every night. It was a talk to encourage him, to make him realise that he is worthy, to boost his self esteem and to show him he was loved. 

She then went on to say that it was like she was a cassette tape that would be played every night. Just then the son walked in and said that all those encouraging words when he was younger really helped him to be a more confident adult today. 

I am old enough to remember what it is like to play cassette tapes. When I was growing up all my music was on tape I had a Walkman that I played all my cassettes on. 

There was no DVDs or the ability to download your music onto a device. A cassette would play, it would get to the end and then you would have to rewind to play it again. The rewind I remember was really boring it would take a few minutes to go back to the beginning and half the time I would have rather have just changed the tape rather than wait.

I feel like I have played the tape and I now need to rewind to play it again. 

I have heard that when you repeatedly hear things eventually it sinks in and you end up believing it. It happens with the negative as well as the positive. 

I just feel I need to take the time to rewind that tape of encouragement and play it everyday. 


Day 105

Thursday 14th April 2016

I have been on this diet now for 3 and a half months and there is only one thing that has kept me going, and that is that I have had a lot of SUPPORT. 

You need to have a lot of key people in your life. There have been many days, at the beginning especially, when I really needed help and encouragement. There was one day that I cried through my dinner and my son came over and rubbed my back – it sounds small but I think he sensed what I needed. 

However, the main support I am getting is from my husband Matt. 

He has given up so much for me this year.  He is a very keen cyclist and he loves to go out on his bike a few mornings a week, but now he goes for a walk with me instead. I have to say I love them. I am getting fitter and it’s the only real time we get to have a good conversation!

Matt is also a very busy man with lots of work on where as I don’t work.  I sit at home and do my hobbies of sewing and drawing but he has started to do the food shopping and even the cooking. I have been married for 19 years and I have to say he has never done those things before! However, he does it so I don’t have to look at the things I can’t eat as he understands the battle I’m facing and he wants to do all he can to see me succeed! 

But the fact that he has been so supportive means that I want to try harder because I don’t want to let him down. 

I am fortunate to have many other supportive people around me. I think embarking on such a lifestyle change as this can’t be done alone and I’m grateful to all those people who have helped and encouraged me. 
18st.            1.1lbs⬇️.        47lbs⬇️total

114.2kg.     0.6kg⬇️.      22.3kg⬇️total


Day 59

Sunday 28th February 2016

I couldn’t believe another pound off. I came down in the morning to find some flowers and an encouraging note from a friend. It’s nice to know people are on your side.

I was however today a little shaky in the Morning I haven’t had that in a while, I think when you drop weight it takes away your energy too. I didn’t feel hungry at all though.

I the afternoon I was so tired that I went to bed.

I still wasn’t hungry after 5 hours, so much so that I almost forgot to have dinner. I always feel I need to have it, even if I don’t feel like its a long time to wait till the next meal.

19st 3.2lbs.    0.9lbs⬇️.    29.8lbs⬇️total