Year 2 week 24

11th – 17th June 2017

The other day I was driving and Matt was in the passenger seat. We had just been shopping and Matt decided that he wanted to try on one of his new shirts. 

He found it quite a struggle putting it on in the car. Once he had got it on he thought that there was something wrong. He realised he was now totally entangled in the seat belt and he was trapped and couldn’t move. 

My first thought, was not to help him or pull over – it was to laugh hysterically.  The only trouble with this was that I laughed so hard that tears were filling my eyes and I couldn’t see. Which was not a good situation when driving. 

I eventually managed to control myself  fortunately without having an accident. Matt eventually managed to untangle himself without any help from me. 

I told him that I had actually done that before and I soon realised that changing while in the car is something you must never do.  It got me thinking about other things that you shouldn’t try and do as you will see below. 

This week has been quite a busy week for me. This week I have had 4 parties to go to.  I have always been a person who loves a good party, but 4 in one week can take its toll. 

3 of the parties have been black tie events 

It’s nice to dress up on occasions and have a good night out and I have to say I enjoyed them all. At this type of event you get to meet people you haven’t seen in a long time, it’s a good time to catch up, wear out your feet on the dance floor and eat good food. 

Last week I also decided to start a detox. Detoxing, I have learnt, is a really good thing to do. So this week I have also learnt that you shouldn’t do it with so many events coming up. 

The trouble with a black tie do is that it’s a set menu and you don’t get to choose what you can eat. The fact that I was detoxing meant that I was extra hungry by the time the food came. This meant that the detox went out the window.

I was also staying in a lot of nice hotels, which also meant a lot of nice food. It was like I was really trying to punish myself. The thing that crossed my mind was who in the world would ever start a detox with so many events coming up. 

I thought I would not be able to get back on the detox after. However I did and I actually lost a few pounds this week too.  But I wouldn’t recommend it – neither would I recommend changing shirts in a car with your seat belt on!


Day 41

Wednesday 10th February 2016

Day 14 of detox

LAST DAY yeah! Tomorrow phase 3 starts.

I couldn’t keep a smile off my face all day, I was really happy that I had got through the worst of it. Over the last 2 weeks I would say I wasn’t very happy at all I was tired, hungry, shaky and basically unresponsive.

I now feel that I have a little bit of a life back.

19st 12.7lbs.    1.1lbs⬇️.    20.3lbs⬇️total 😀

Day 40

Tuesday 9th February 2016

Day 13 of detox

Today is day 40. It is said that if you do something for 40 days it becomes a habit. Hope that is true, time will tell I suppose.

It is also Shrove Tuesday which means tomorrow 40 days of lent starts, I don’t have anything left to give up for lent.

Jenny the nutritionist told me that she wanted me to carry on this phase for a bit longer. I felt the light at the end of the tunnel had gone out.

I got so upset, the end in sight was what was keeping me going. Don’t think I can do this any more.

As it was pancake day, the kids had pancakes for tea and because I was so emotional it got to me a little more than usual.

19st  13.8lbs.     0.2lbs⬇️.      19.2lbs⬇️total😣

Day 37

Saturday 6th February 2016

Day 10 of detox

Stuck to diet however, I was at home on my own all day as Matt took the boys out for the day.

I was so bored which I think contributed to me hitting the wall at about 5pm. I just got really fed up with the diet.

After dinner all back to normal. Went swimming and took another photo.

20th Jan – 6th Feb








20st 0.9lbs.     0.2lbs⬇️.     18.1lbs⬇️.     😔

Day 36

Friday 5th February 2016

Day 9 of detox

I don’t mind so much what I am eating any more. I kind of have this attitude that it doesn’t matter what it tastes like going in, it’s what it does on the inside that counts. I don’t seem to crave sweet things any more either.

I did go to M&S food and it bothered me a little.

Still feeling shaky, I am amazed how I can survive for so long on so few calories it must be the quality and not the quantity that counts.

20st 1.1lbs.   0.7lbs⬇️.     17.9lbs⬇️total

Day 35

Thursday 4th February 2016

Day 8 of detox

The detox is going well, I haven’t wavered once I am coping OK. Still slightly shaky though.

I seem to be having an emotional battle with myself, people were saying I was looking thinner, I am not sure I could see it myself though. I couldn’t believe all my hard work was working.

I think time will tell.

20st 1.8lbs.    1.1lbs⬇️.     17.2lbs⬇️total 😑

Day 34

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Day 7 of detox

Can’t believe I have lasted a week on this detox, didn’t think I would last a day.

I am getting use to the food, the 5 hours in between, I have even been OK with all the water I need to drink.

Breakfast however is still a challenge. I have been eating mango that I happen to like, but I need to dip it in sheep’s yoghurt.

My clothes are now getting baggy, which is great and people are starting to notice.

20st 2.9lbs     0.8 lbs⬇️.        16.1lbs⬇️total