My Pictures

I am dyslexic and I can have the tendency to struggle when it comes to reading and writing which means that I have always been a person who sees things and understands things better visually.

I go to church on a Sunday and I have not always remembered everything that was said. About 3 years ago I decided to draw notes and from that day on I have remembered all that was said. I can even look back years and I can remember just from the picture I drew.

I thought if that could do that much for me, it should do the same with a daily diary.

When I decided that I wanted to lose weight this year I thought I would draw my daily thoughts, emotions, struggles and feelings down as a record and something to look back on if I needed to.

My drawings may not be good but they are how I feel and they are helping a lot. Without them I am not sure I could continue my healthier life.