Year 2 week 48

26th November- 2nd December

This week I have been reminded of a story I told the kids when they were younger.

We use to love watching Dancing On Ice when it was on the TV. We would sit there and enjoy it as a family hoping that someone would fall over!

During the programme one of the boys asked if we could ice skate. Matt said “didn’t you know that’s how Mum and I met when we were on Dancing On Ice!” I then decided to elaborate a little more by saying “that the only thing is, because I was so heavy, I had to do the lifts and lift your Dad over my head instead of the other way around.” The boys were only young and thought this was hilarious!

Even though we were joking it was years later that we realised that the kids actually believed us. It was a school friend of one of the boys saying he thought it was hilarious how we met. We were confused because in our heads it wasn’t really that interesting as we met because Matt worked for my Dad. We asked him what he meant and realised he was talking about that ice skating story.

It got me thinking this week on how we very often believe the lies we tell ourselves when we were younger. We even believe the lies others tell us too. Little comments that are very often said at the heat of the moment and not really meant by the person saying it, but very often the person it is directed to can believe it for years.

I have to say I have been very guilty in the past at believing those lies. Even though over the last 2 years I have been getting over them and not letting them affect me anymore. I feel I have been sifting out the bad and leaving the good. It’s very hard keeping those bad comments and thoughts about yourself out forever though and I find I am constantly sifting through to remove the bad.

One thing I have always been conscious about especially with my boys is to watch what I say. I try to say things that will lift them up and not drag them down. I do however say the odd insult at the heat of the moment when they have driven me mad. I very quickly feel remorse and make sure I always apologise. I think it’s because I don’t want my boys having to get over the same insecurities I have had to deal with.

All I feel I can do is keep my own insecurities in check on a regular basis and hope that I am doing the right things with my boys so they don’t end up with the same issues I have had to deal with. And don’t worry, the boys now know the truth about how we met!


One thought on “Year 2 week 48

  1. Funny story. My did took me to a hockey game (a very violent one) when I was little. When the Zamboni came out he said, “it is here to clean the blood off the ice. I believed that for a long time.

    Thanks for sharing.

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