Year 2 week 39

24th – 30th September 2017

This year we have had a lot of work done on our house. Some rooms we haven’t changed at all but some have been totally gutted and transformed. 

The work on our house has been going since January. We have had a whole new heating system including boilers, hot water tanks, thermostats the lot. We had the house re- wired for a new alarm system and electrics. We have had diggers inside the ground floor of the house getting rid of old pipe work. Basically the whole of this year I feel I have lived with mess and dust. 

The parts of the house we are living in are nice but do get dusty really quick. One of the rooms that is being done is our bedroom and ensuite. In March we moved out of it and went to the spare room. Our spare room is a decent size but it’s in desperate need of decoration. 

I have never really been a tidy person, however when it comes to my wardrobes and draws I like them to be neat.  I won’t put anything in it unless it’s neat, which is why my clothes don’t get put away very often because I can’t be bothered to tidy the wardrobe first!

Our bedroom, which we’ve been out of for 7 months,has totally changed. We have knocked walls down, put new walls up in different places, we have had new furniture made especially to fit, everything is brand new. 

This week we have finally moved back in. I feel I have moved from a complete mess to a place that’s so nice that I don’t want to leave. We now have a walk in wardrobe. It took me 2 days to organise but now everything has a place and it looks so tidy. 

One thing I have noticed is that because my surroundings are so neat and tidy, and because I actually like my new room I seem to be taking a lot more pride in keeping it that way. Which also means I am having a lot more pride in my appearance. 

I seem to be happy to take time in choosing what to wear, I am taking time to look after my skin, I am even taking time in choosing what to eat. 

One thing it has shown me is that your surroundings can really affect your mood. I am sure that must relate to people and life too. It shows me that I’m to make sure I have good people in my life, to have things around me that lift me up and not drag me down. I feel that when it comes to people I am very fortunate – I have a great husband, kids, family and some amazing friends. 

I know that when certain situations arise in my life I don’t necessarily handle them very well. It’s like I am living in my old bedroom not enjoying my surroundings.  I feel to improve that situation the answer is to not get rid of it but make alterations to help improve it and then it’s amazing how quickly things change.

I just hope these new surroundings continue to lighten my mood and I continue to take a lot more pride in my life in general!


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