Year 2 week 28

9th- 15 th July 2017

The kids have now broken up from school which means the summer holidays have started. I like it when the summer holidays are here but it can also mean that my usual routine has gone. 

Trying to start a new routine can be hard. I like not getting up so early in the mornings but everything else can be tough. 

Always as soon as the kids break up from school we head off for our summer holidays. I always find the run up very busy. I’m busy packing and getting things organised for our holiday. I can never seem to relax on the run up. 

By the time we are away the holiday is always well deserved – everyone is tired and needs the break. 

I however find it really hard to relax. I am not a person who can relax by the pool or the beach for very long. 

I can sit there for a few minutes and then I get really bored. It usually takes me a good few days to unwind. When I do though I can start to enjoy myself. 

A big part of holidays is the food. It tends to be different from home. One of my weaknesses is the bread, especially when we go to France. The French bread is something that I can’t resist, it’s so nice. 

I feel I have not been as motivated this year as I was last year but I am surprised that 9 times out of 10 I am managing to resist the bread. I am generally keeping my good habits that I have created over the last 18 months. But I am a little more relaxed than last year with the odd treat creeping in here and there. 

I have decided to still watch what I eat, but not beat myself up over having a treat once in a while.  


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