Year 2 week 14

2nd – 8th April 2017

Over the last few Saturdays I have been on a course at church called The Healing Rooms.  It’s based on a book called ‘The Essential Guild to Healing’ by Randy Clarke and Bill Johnson. 

I went because of the healing that God has done in me over the past year and I thought it would be great to know how to help others with emotional healing. 

One thing that was talked about was the power of a testimony.  We got together in small groups and we shared our testimonies.  I shared about my journey over the last 15 months and told them where I was heading and then I thanked God for the change. 

I said I had gone from a person who was out of puff walking up the stairs to a person who’s about to run a half marathon. I also told them my concern over my knees. 

Before I lost the weight I limped for 5 years and I was concerned that with all the running it would come back. I had been having a few twinges but nothing major. 

They decided to pray for my knees and I have to admit that I did feel them tingle at the time. I wouldn’t know if they were healed or not until I started running. 

Training this week has not really gone to plan.  I arranged to meet a few people to go running with but each one cancelled. I am not a person who likes running on my own. I wouldn’t even think of going on my own. However I did!!!

The first time I went I wanted to do 5 miles. As I was running I realised that I had no pain at all in my knees. It was the first time ever I actually enjoyed it. 

It was a good job I was on my own because I had my music playing and with the new found freedom in my knees it was like I danced every step rather than ran it. 

I think I must have looked funny and I definitely wouldn’t have looked as elegant as my drawing.  I was happy I was on my own in the end because if one of my kids saw me it would have been filmed and put on YouTube and probably had at least a million views by now with people in hysterics!

After the 5 miles I could have done more and I realised that I did it so much quicker too. So the healing has also helped me go faster. 

Even though my training this week was mainly on my own, it did nothing but improve and it has left me looking forward to the next time I run. That’s a new one even for me. 

So I went on the course to help others but it was me who improved instead.


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