Year 2 week 10

5th-11th march 2017

It has been 6 weeks since my operation. I have found I have recovered really well. 

The whole recovery process has gone really quick. It has had its painful moments but mainly it has been just uncomfortable. 

When I first left the hospital and the doctors told me I needed to wear the compression outfit for six weeks at the time I could have cried. The compression suit is the tightest thing I have ever worn. It was also very uncomfortable and you could hardly move in it. It would also rub and cause a rash in some areas. Six weeks seemed so far away. 

There was a time when I got used to wearing it. I was also told that some people are very reluctant to say goodbye to it at the end. I however wasn’t one of those people. 

Now that the six weeks are up I have to say I am very relieved. I couldn’t wait to get it and throw it in the bin. 

There is something really nice about the fact that I never have to wear it again. 

Even though it wasn’t the nicest thing to wear I can see why I had to wear it. It was to keep the swelling down and reduce the ability for my skin going back as it was again. 

I am really happy with the transformation over the last 6 weeks. My saggy skin has gone and I look and feel so much better. 

I still have some swelling on my arm and back but it will soon improve. 

One thing that I will have from now on is a scar on both arms from elbow to arm pit. Scars are usually classed as a negative thing. Something people don’t like. 

I however like mine because it shows where I have come from to get them. It’s a reminder of how much I have changed. I call them my freedom scars because for me to get them I have become free from all the emotional issues I have lived with for years and a reminder that I am never going back. 


3 thoughts on “Year 2 week 10

  1. What a fabulous job your surgeon has done Deb! You look amazing and so sculptured! Are you happy with your arms? Even with the scar
    They look great! I would love mine done! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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