Years 2 week 9

26th February- 4th March

For the first time since my operation I am starting to feel normal again. This week I have gone about my routine very easily. 

I have been able to do my walking again. I thought I would not handle it too well because I haven’t done it in a while but I was fine. I went at a little slower pace because I didn’t want to aggravate my arms. 

I haven’t started my running yet but I do think I can soon. 

I am really happy about getting back to normal but, if I think about it, what is normal?  I have always wanted to be a person who is the same as everyone else – someone who doesn’t stand out from the crowd a person who blends in. 

I have very often heard people being classed as peas in a pod. My sister and I are very often referred to in that way. My kids are like peas in a pod too. It’s not that they look like each other – it’s how they act, their mannerisms, the way they talk. 

I suppose, as humans,  we are all like peas  in a pod but we can all be different too and we all reflect our own unique personality. 

Before I started this journey my normal was totally different to the normal I know now.  Actually, if I think back, the normal I was living before was not really normal at all. 

Spending most of your life living with low self esteem, emotional issues, not valuing yourself, secretly eating and only focusing inwardly to me is not normal and is not really part of God’s plan, but that was my normal for many years. I am afraid to say that I discovered it is actually quite a common feeling too with others. 

My normal now though is so different and changing all the time. I suppose you could say it’s progressing and improving all the time. 

So even though I have always wanted to be a person who is normal, on reflection I am happy to be different. Perhaps we should celebrate our differences because they make life so much more interesting and varied. It would be boring if all our ‘normals’ were the same. 


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