Year 2 week 8

19th – 25th February 2017

Most times I have dieted I have done quite well and lost lots of weight. This time is no different. 

However there has always been one problem and that is I have always put the weight back on again. 

When you are losing weight and you see the scales go down every week it’s quite exciting and it really spurs you on to do well the following week. 

But there has always come a time in a diet when I stop losing weight. For some reason the scales just don’t go down. That is the stage I am at now. Since October of last year I haven’t really lost much weight. 

This is where in the previous diets I have put the weight back on again. I have always got so frustrated, annoyed and I have even gone through a season of depression in the past.

Now that I am at the same stage again I feel that I could do the same again. I have to admit that I am frustrated and slightly annoyed that the scales are no longer going down. But there is a difference – one thing Jenny has taught me is to ignore the scales and just be consistent. 

I have been really good at ignoring the scales – it’s the consistency I am having a problem with. 

Consistency is hard and it can be very boring too. As I said, when the scales go down it can be really exciting and keep you motivated, but when it doesn’t it gets really boring. 

Jenny tells me that consistency is the key. However what does that key unlock. I would love it to unlock a book that tells me the easiest way to carry on. 

Unfortunately that is not going to happen (I can dream though).  I am finding being consistent the hardest challenge I have faced so far.

I think I am feeling like this because I have not long had my operation and I am not fully active again yet. I am longing to start exercising again which is an unusual thing for me to say because I have usually been happy to be a couch potato. 

It shows how much I have changed on this journey and I am going to try my hardest to continue!


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