Year 2 week 5

29th January- 4th February 2017

We have had a few problems with my car lately. My car had been working really well and then all of a sudden things started to go wrong.

We looked under the bonnet to find lots of items that shouldn’t be there like corks from wine bottles and other rubbish from our bin. 

We were a bit confused for a minute and then we realised that we had some mice living in the engine. The reason the car was not working properly was because they were chewing through the wires in the car. 

The car would still go but not to the best of its ability. That is the only way I could explain how I have been feeling this week. 

After the operation I had last week I feel that I am recovering really well but I am not quite going on all cylinders yet. 

I have not been in too much pain thankfully. Touch me, though, and I flinch. I have bruises all over my back and arms but it looks worse than it feels. 

The worst part of it is that I have to wear a compression outfit.  The only way I can describe it is that it’s like wearing a really tight wetsuit that is 3 sizes to small. And I have to wear it all day everyday. 

I am getting use to it a little bit more though. I have to take it off from time to time to have a shower and wash. When it’s off I feel slightly exposed and sensitive, I can also be in a little more pain without it. The reason for wearing it is to reduce the swelling. 

So really, even though I don’t like it, I can see the benefits. 

My car however is not in as good a shape as me and I think it will take a lot longer to fix. It’s a good job I can’t drive at the minute!


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