Day 363

Wednesday 28th December 2016

When I started this journey I was always going to write a diary about my experiences everyday. What I didn’t plan to do was share it. 

I found my own way of expressing how I felt with my drawings everyday but I didn’t really expect anyone to ever read it. I know that sounds stupid because I put my diary on this blog everyday in a public place for people to see. 

The response I have got has been amazing. On certain days I have had over a thousand views reading one particular post. Over this year I have had over 34 thousand views and about 14 thousand visitors so far. 

I never really expected that kind of response. At times I feel that I have really put myself out there, I have shared my ups and downs. I feel that you, who have read it, have journeyed it with me and I have had all great comments – not one negative one. 

All your comments have been a great encouragement to me. I am really grateful for your support throughout this year. 

I think you must have got really fed up with me though popping up on your emails, timelines, and text notifications everyday.

On occasions it has been a real effort. Some days I have no idea what to talk about, some days I don’t know what to draw, some days I get a picture pop in my mind of something I need to draw but I have no idea why, I do it anyway and then it seems to come together when I write it. 

Some days I draw many pictures because they often look rubbish.  I have been even known to post the rubbish picture because I can’t be bothered to redo it! Some days I knew I would be so busy that I wouldn’t have time to draw about it, so it meant I had to prepare and do it the day before. Some days I felt I waffled and talked rubbish 

I have no idea how I have managed to keep it going everyday for so long. I have no idea where the inspiration for each post has come from. The only thing I can think of is that it’s God giving me the inspiration to say what I’ve said. 

Thank you so much for being with me on this journey. You have all kept me going.


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