Day 360

Sunday 25th December 2016

Christmas Day

I woke up this morning and it looked like my kids had been good because there were presents everywhere. It looked like I had been on the good list this year too because I did very well when it came to presents. 

After I made dinner for 15 people I thought that today I would have a day off and eat anything I wanted. It was good not to think about a diet for one day. I found though that I still stuck to the rules other than I had mince pies. I love mince pies and today I had a few for the first time this season. 

Christmas is a time of celebration and this year I felt I deserved to celebrate. At Christmas the focus can be all about the tree, tinsel, presents, Santa and a fancy dinner. 

Sometimes the real meaning of Christmas can get lost that actually we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. 

I went to a carol service at our church last night and one thing that was said was “can you imagine a life without God?” 

Some of you might think you can because you don’t believe in God. However if there was no God there would be no Christmas. So can you imagine a life without Christmas!

A lot more people go to church around Christmas time and sing songs with words in it like “Christ a saviour is born”. I personally believe this and I like to think that when I celebrate Christmas I am celebrating my saviours birth. 

You see a lot of signs that say Xmas and the Christ is taken out usually because they don’t have room or can’t be bothered to write it properly, but in my view you can’t take Christ out of Christmas because without him it wouldn’t exist. 

If there was no God, for me that would mean there is no hope. No hope to succeed, no hope to overcome, no hope for tomorrow. Let’s face it, my year this year has relied on that hope for all those reasons. 

I hope you all have had a great Christmas and remember to always leave a little room for Christ. 


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