Day 354

Monday 19th December 2016

The last few days have been so busy I have just needed time to rest. Fortunately today I could. A day in the house doing nothing. It was bliss. 

It gave me time to reflect back on this year. One thing I noticed is at the beginning of the year it was all dreams of the future and where I wanted to be. 

The second half has been all about remembering where I have come from. Even though I don’t think any of it is bad I think I still prefer to look to the future. 

Looking back though I can’t seem to remember where the change happened. It was probably a gradual thing. There was not one real light bulb moment. 

But if I think about it I think the whole year has been a light bulb moment which has allowed me to grow in many different ways.

Reflecting back today I have realised that I haven’t ever changed this much in a year. I am, if you allow me, really proud of my accomplishments this year

In previous years, as they started to draw to an end, I always thought that I have basically wasted my time, not really learnt anything and ended up going into the following year the same. 

I am happy that this year is so different. 


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