Day 353

Sunday 18th December 2016

Today is my forth Christmas event in 4 days. However today I can control what I eat better because it is at our house. 

Every year, always the Sunday before Christmas, we host an evening we call ‘A Very Dickens Christmas’. Everyone who wants to dresses up in Dickensian outfits and the whole evening is candle lit. 

We invite a lot of friends and people from church it’s like our end of year treat. I look forward to it all year.

Everyone who comes brings a dessert and drinks. The table is usually piled up with delicious cakes, biscuits and desserts. All I can say is it is Debbie heaven. 

However this year I didn’t go near it. In fact I couldn’t stand the smell of it, the whole room smelt sweet and it made me feel sick. It’s a Debbie heaven no more. 

Even though I didn’t eat it didn’t mean I didn’t have fun. In fact I had a great time. I think people think the best way to socialise is to eat together, however this year I have learnt I can still socialise and have a good time without eating. 

For the first year ever I have been in the party and I didn’t eat the desserts –  I feel very proud of myself and I’m perfectly happy. 

So who says you need to eat to have fun. 


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