Day 350

Thursday 15th December 2016

Growing up it was always said that I was the funny one. I have always been very happy with that. 

When I was a child I use to have fits of hysterics. I would laugh uncontrollably until tears ran down my face and my stomach ached from laughing so much.

On one occasion my Dad took us to a posh place and just as I was taking a sip out of my drink my sister-in-law said something funny. It didn’t stay in my mouth, instead my family had an unexpected shower. 

I have always tried to see the funny side of things. Sometimes I find myself laughing at things I shouldn’t really laugh at. I don’t know why I can’t help it. 

I have never really planned to be the funny one – it just happened.  I don’t do it on purpose. I am forever making a fool out of myself. 

I also do a lot of laughing and making fun of myself. People in the past have always told me not to. 

If someone asked to take a photo of me my response always was ‘I wouldn’t, I might break the camera’, or ‘you might need to take a few shots to get me all in.’ 

I don’t know why I did it, I think it was more of a defence mechanism. In my head if I said it first before anyone else said it, it takes away the embarrassment. 

It also could have been me trying to see the funny side of the situation. It was probably a bit of both. 

Once, when I was a teenager, this guy was standing in the doorway and I said “excuse me”. He said “Why? If I move you still wouldn’t fit through”. 

This was really hurtful but my response back was probably just as hurtful because I said “Well at least I can do something about it. You will always be ugly!” There is no excuse for that response but I remember being very upset at the time. 

I think that is why I have always taken the ‘mickey’ out of myself first, so I don’t feel that way again. 

I still like the fact I am the funny one but I am going to try not to make fun of myself anymore. 


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