Day 348

Tuesday 13th December 2016

I know this is late but we have finally got round to putting up our decorations. We are never usually this late to do it but our tree only got delivered today. 

We always have a real tree which means that you don’t know what it’s like until it arrives. The first tree got sent back and we only got a replacement today. 

Our lounge has a very tall ceiling so every year I order an 11 foot Christmas tree. If I ordered a smaller one it would look ridiculous – it would look far too small for the space. 

It takes 3 of us to get the tree up. It usually entails cutting the base a little because a tree that size doesn’t fit the stand. Then comes the decorating. 

Now that needs the whole family. We have the older kids up ladders doing the top, I usually do the middle and the younger kids do the bottom. 

To decorate a tree of this size takes a lot of hard work and dedication but when it’s done it looks amazing. We can then sit and appreciate it so much more because of the hard work it has taken to do it. 

This is me this year I have put in a lot of hard work and dedication and the results are starting to show. I am still in the hard work stage. Seeing this tree over this Christmas period is going to be a reminder that, if I keep going, the finished results will be amazing. That is if I ever get there!

 Also, it would be hard to do it all by myself – sometimes you need a little bit of help from others. 


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