Day 345

Saturday 10th December 2016

The renovations in one part of our house are nearly finished. It does mean that my craft room is moving to a bigger room. 

Today I have spent the day sorting through all my stuff. One thing about a crafter is the amount of stuff  we hoard and I am no different. 

I had so many boxes bursting at the seems with my junk. 

Matt and the boys were helping me sort out the room and, to my dismay, they were throwing away things that they thought was junk but it had some value to me. 

I did throw a few bits away but most of it I kept because I know I will use it one day.

There is a saying – one mans junk is another mans treasure, and today I learnt this as I rescued my stuff from the bin. Matt didn’t understand why I wanted to keep small bits of material that had no value whatsoever. 

The thing is I can transform that piece of material, add extra pieces to it and it can be made into something beautiful. That is why I didn’t throw it away. 

I realised that this analogy is my journey this year. I was the one who thought all things about me were worthless and Matt thought it had some value. Over the year I have cut off the bad bits and added pieces to make me think now it does have some value. 

Self worth is something everyone should have. It has taken me a long time to get mine. But it makes me think that no one should ever go round thinking that they are worthless because that is a lie.

Everyone has value in different ways and we are all valuable to God and he thinks we are beautiful. 


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