Day 343

Thursday 8th December 2016

On the very odd occasion I like to bulk buy. It’s usually around Christmas time I go and get all the Christmas treats. 

Treats are a thing of the past for me, especially sweets. I love sweets.  I used to always have some in the car or my hand bag. The best thing is they are small and you can just pop one in your mouth at any time, and I did I can tell you. 

I have realised today that I haven’t had sweets at all this year. At the beginning of the year I really struggled not being able to just pop a sweet in my mouth. I missed it so much. 

Today though as I walked around Costco my reaction to them was so much different than previous years. As I looked at the shelves full of sweets I realised that I don’t really miss them now at all.

Normally I would have come home with a few boxes and said that they were for Christmas or the kids, and probably eaten them myself before Christmas anyway! This year though, I looked at them thinking we don’t really need them so I left them on the shelves and walked away. 

I could also smell them – I didn’t realise they had much of a smell but for some reason this year I could smell them and they smelt like sugar. I didn’t think sugar really had a smell but it did and it made me feel sick just being near them. 

It made me realise what a turnaround you can do in a year. 


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