Day 339

Sunday 4th December 2016

Today, as its Sunday, meant that I went to church. What was said today at church is something I can totally relate too. 

For the past few weeks we have been doing a series called ‘love without borders’. Today we covered how that sometimes our borders are in our own minds. 

We can so easily talk ourselves out of something worthwhile because of our own fear. 

It was also said how fear comes from the enemy and fills our head with lies and doubt. He twists the truth to make us feel we are not good enough. 

We need to untwist his lies to reveal the truth that we are good enough. 

I have to admit that for years I have believed the lies, I have believed I am not good enough. Sometimes the lies are so much easier to believe. 

I have gradually been untwisting those lies and the more the truth is revealed  it has made me think how I have lived so long like that. 

I know this may sound harsh but it was like my mind has lived in bondage for many years and only now I have been released. The problem is that you don’t realise you’re living in bondage at the time. It’s only once you’re free that you realise.  


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