Day 337

Friday 2nd December 2016

Over the last few days I have entered into a whole new world. 

Basically I have a new toy for the kitchen – it’s called a Thermomix. I wanted a soup maker and it does make soup but also so much more. It blends, mixes, cooks, steams, whisks, it even has scales on it. It can do loads!

I feel over the last few days that I have turned into a chef. I have got my chefs hat out and I can’t seem to stop cooking! 

I have made cheese scones, brownies, carrot and coriander soup, mixed fruit sorbet, vegetable soup, chicken curry and now tomato ketchup. Everything has also tasted delicious too. 

All the ingredients I have used are all things I could have. If the recipes said sugar or wheat or something I couldn’t eat I just swapped it for an ingredient I could eat. 

I haven’t had a home made soup for about 9 months, but since the cold weather has come back I have been eating shop bought soups. Now I’m making my own which is so much healthier. 

The soups only take 20 minutes and they are all done from start to end in this machine. They taste a lot nicer as well.

This machine has made cooking and eating healthier exciting again. I think it has been what I needed – something that gets me excited about preparing my own food. 

I just can’t wait to make my next dish!

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