Day 336

Thursday 1st December 2016

One thing I have really noticed this year is how closed off from the world I used to be. 

In previous years I think I lived my life in my own little world. I don’t think I had the capacity to think about anyone else very much other than me and my family. It’s like I lived my life with the curtains closed. 

If things happening in the world appeared on my Facebook feed or something I would just scroll past quickly – happy to be oblivious of what’s going on.  I felt a bit heartless while doing this but didn’t really have the capacity or interest. 

This year, with all the weight loss and getting rid of all my emotional problems, it’s like I have finally opened those curtains and let the light in and let others in. 

I never thought I was that selfish a person but I must have been by the simple fact that I didn’t look after myself which affected people around me. And this also meant I couldn’t really look after others. 

With all the changes this year I am finding I have a lot more time for others, including people I don’t know. 

I may have opened those curtains to let in the world but it has also let me out into the world too. There is so much more I can do now than I could before. In fact some of the things I am doing I would never have ever seen myself being a part of. 


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