Day 332

Sunday 27th November 2016

Today my Dad and his wife Tracie came round for lunch, it meant I could give him a belated birthday present that I haven’t had the opportunity to do before now. 

My Dad turned 70 last month and one of the goals I set at the beginning of the year was to lose 70lbs for his birthday. I was very pleased I did it. I thought though that he needed a momento of what I did. 

I had arranged to get 70 pieces of granite cut, each weighing a pound. Once we got the granite we stuck them all together creating an ornament for his house. 

Once it was made it was so heavy I couldn’t even pick it up. 

It is the first time I actually realised how much I have lost. I couldn’t believe the weight of it. 

It was so heavy that I don’t know how I even got myself out of bed in the morning let alone walk about and carry it all day. I know what the weight of a pound is but carrying 70 altogether like that made me realise how much weight I actually lost. 

We wanted to have the granite in 1lb blocks so my Dad could see each pound. We layed it out in that way because over the year I have had so many emotional ups and downs. At one end the granite doesn’t touch the ground to show that the journey is continuing. 

So all in all that granite has an awful lot of meaning to it. I just hope I can keep it off and he doesn’t start giving pieces back. 


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