Day 328

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

I am one of those people who always has a shower and very rarely has a bath. I think the last time I had a bath must have been about 5 years ago. 

I like having baths but for me it is usually quite an ordeal. One reason is because there just isn’t a bath big enough. 

I also find when I have a bath -I get in and the water gets out, causing more work drying the bathroom floor!

So I would fill up the water while I am in the bath. When I am in the bath I am so wedged in that I can’t move which means I can’t turn the taps off usually ending up with more water on the floor.

Once I have found a comfortable position the bath is nice even though I can’t move. 

Then comes the biggest ordeal of all -getting out the bath. Usually it would entail more water on the floor. So I got to a point of emptying the bath while I was still in it. 

However because I was so wedged in the water between me and the plug hole went down but the water furthest away from the plug hole didn’t!

Once the water was gone I then had to physically get out. Trying to get a 22 stone person out of the bath was so exhausting and it took me at least 5 minutes to do it. 

So that is why I always had showers. However, lately I have been having baths again. 

This time though I didn’t have any of the issues, I wasn’t wedged in like normal, there was in fact plenty of room to manoeuvre. I could reach the taps but most importantly I could get out with ease. The best part though that there was no water on the floor!

On reflection it was a bit sad the state I had got myself in which previously made doing simple things very difficult – I’m so glad I have changed. 

So all in all quite a pleasant experience. I think I might have more baths from now on. 


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