Day 324

Saturday 19th November 2016

We live in a house where there are a lot of trees in our garden. I love the trees but at this time of year they drop their leaves everywhere. 

For the last month or so I have watched the boys and Matt blowing them off the drive. I thought it looked like a fun job to do, so today I decided to have a go. 

I soon realised it wasn’t as much fun as it looked. The blower was really heavy to hold for so long, then the leaves would go in every direction except the way you wanted them to go. It didn’t take me too long to to get fed up. 

When I was finished Matt said ‘now look up’.  All I could see were the trees with loads more leaves that will drop off soon. 

It made me think that the job I had just done was useless because it will need doing all over again tomorrow. 

In some way this is how I think it’s like to be on a diet. It sounds a good thing to do at first, then you start and you find out it’s hard work. Then the weight stops going down and when you look up you realise you’ve got a lot more ahead of you.

I am at the stage where my weight just isn’t going down and realised that I still have a lot of work to do.  It’s like I’ve looked up and seen all those leaves on the trees which still need to be cleared. 

The thing is if Matt and the boys had left those leaves over the past month there would have been such a build up now and the job would have been worse. 

There is also a time when there will be no more leaves and they won’t have to do the job anymore but while your in it the job seems like it’s endless. 

I do feel like I am fighting a never ending battle but if I keep going I’ll get there in the end – I hope. 


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