Day 321

Wednesday 16th November 2016

One thing I have noticed this year is that my weekly food bill has gone up. 

Walking around the supermarket this morning I spent a lot more time down the fruit and veg aisle and I didn’t even go down the sweet and chocolate aisle. That would have been the other way around a year ago!

One thing that really annoys me in the supermarket is that the unhealthy foods are so much cheaper than the healthy foods. 

There are also so many more deals on the unhealthy foods. I have never seen a 3 for 2 on vegetables and fruit but there are always some on chocolate and sweets. 

We are always hearing on the news and from doctors how obesity has gone up and we need to do something about it. But these deals in the supermarkets don’t give you any incentive to try healthier foods. 

With healthier foods being expensive and people watching their spending, that extra cost to get healthy can be a real problem. 

This year, though, I have realised the importance of eating healthy and I understand a bit more of what unhealthy foods are doing to your body. So for me I am willing to pay a little more for food. But it would be nice to see a few deals on the healthy foods!


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