Day 320

Tuesday 15th November 2016

We are having work done in our house at the moment . We have a very large bedroom that we are changing into 2 rooms. It entails knocking down walls, building new walls, replastering, electrics and then redecorating.

From the outside of the house you can’t tell – it all looks the same, it’s only when you walk in the house you can see all the work going on and all the mess it has created. 

While writing this blog I have had people coming up to me saying that they didn’t realise that I have had so many emotional issues They thought it looked like I had it all together. However inside I was a mess. 

It shows that you don’t always really know what is going on in people’s lives. It may look like they have the perfect life, but the reality could be the total opposite. 

Even though I have had so many issues to deal with this year I am glad I am now at the stage of being rebuilt and coming out the other end as something new. 


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