Day 319

Monday 14th November 2016

If someone asked me how tall I was I would say I was tall both ways – standing up and just as tall when I lie down. I would say it because my stomach was so big. 

I am however 5’9″. I know that there are a lot of taller people out there but I still think I am a lot taller than the average person. 

I have always found my height a problem because my thinking was the taller you are the more you are noticed.  I also thought that the wider you are the more you are noticed. So whatever way I looked at it, I felt I stood out. 

With me being a person who didn’t really want to be noticed it meant I had to try and find ways to hide. My cardigans were  something I always hid behind.  I also hid behind my hair too, but my height was something I didn’t think I could hide from. 

Recently I have noticed my height a lot more. I have noticed that I can see over everyone’s heads – it’s like they have shrunk or maybe I have grown. 

The other day I asked my sister in law if I am taller than normal because I felt that I was. She said “yes you seem to be standing taller – it’s like you have more confidence.”

I never thought I could hide my height but it turns out I did. I use to slouch a lot to make myself look smaller whereas now I seem to be standing tall. It can only mean I seem to have a lot more confidence than I have had before. 

If you had asked me last year before I even started losing weight I would have said that all I want is more confidence. I do now feel I have it and I just hope I can keep it and not go back. 


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