Day 317

Saturday 12th November 2016

We have had an event on at church tonight. It is a worship night where a band plays music (a bit like a concert) and the audience would sing along and join in as well. 

Also there are usually a few artists painting at the same time. This event happens about every 3 months. I am one of the artists who does a painting. 

I have done it now for about 3 years and usually I paint what I feel. It’s a little bit like what I have been doing every day this year with me drawing my thoughts and emotions. 

However this event I paint in front of an audience. I always remember the first time I did it, I was very nervous and I really had to pluck up a lot of courage to do it. But once I did it, the experience was amazing. 

I have never painted before with such an amazing atmosphere. Painting with live music playing – there isn’t an experience like it. 

Even though I have been doing it for a while now I still get nervous. However I believe that God has given me this talent, this love of art and I feel I need to use the gifts he has given me. 

I also believe that he puts a picture in my head and I then have to copy that image onto paper or in this case canvas. I also believe he has a say over each brush stroke and guilds my hand on where to put the paint. 

I have said before that I don’t class myself as an artist but just someone who loves to draw. God is the greatest artist, after all he created the world. So in my eyes it makes sense that I ask him to guide my brush, pen, pencil or whatever medium I chose to use. 

I am very thankful of this gift because for me it’s a way I can express myself and show my feelings visually. 

The painting I did at the event

It was inspired by the saying “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.” The umbrella is positioned to one side so that God can rain down on us. 

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