Day 316

Friday 11th November 2016

On occasions I get to decorate a shop window in town. It a sewing shop that sells sewing machines, fabric, thread and anything sewing related. 

Today I have been working on a window display for Christmas.

I really enjoy doing the windows.  It takes me back to when I had my own hairdressing salon. I use to change them every couple of months. I really loved doing them, especially the Christmas windows. 

The windows took a bit of planning, organisation and some hard work but when the windows were finished I would stand back and take a good look and think the hard work and planning was worth it. I would get nice comments too from the passers by. 

That is totally what it has been like for me this year. I have had to plan and organise my meals which has taken a lot of hard work. I have then sometimes felt that I have put myself on display by writing this blog. 

Sometimes I do feel that I have put myself in a position of vulnerability. I didn’t plan it, I didn’t expect people to see my drawings and read my thoughts – it just kind of evolved. 

I have never been a person who wants the lime light, or be the centre of attention. In fact I have always shied away from it. 

I do feel though with the fact I have put myself out there, been vulnerable, put myself on display, it has helped me get over all my issues that I have been living with for many years. 

I think by just being open with your feelings rather than keeping them locked away is the key. 


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