Day 311

Sunday 6th November 2016

I have told you before that I have 4 sons. But what you may not know is that they are all adopted. 

My boys are all natural brothers – they have the same birth Mum and Dad. We have had them all at a very early age. To me it doesn’t matter that they are adopted because I couldn’t imagine loving them any more even if I gave birth to them myself. They are my family no matter what.

The day they actually got adopted was a very special day. We went to the court and had their photos taken with the judge and then she handed them their adoption certificate, each with a red ribbon around it. It was a time I will never forget.

That day they got their identities, they got a place where they belong.

People have told us in the past that what we did was such a great thing. However, for us those kids filled a need, we wanted children to love. 

Today at church it was talked about having a orphan spirit. To have an orphan spirit means that you feel like you don’t belong and you can’t accept your gifts. 

This year I’ve discovered that I have secretly lived with an orphan spirit for a lot of my life but now I’ve realised that I actually belong. I have had no main reason to feel that way. I have always had a place where I do belong but I think in my mind I always felt that I didn’t always fit in. 

Because I have been dealing with all my insecurities this year I now no longer don’t feel that this is an issue anymore. 


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