Day 310

Saturday 5th November 2016

The time I’ve just spent in Portugal has been really nice.  My Dad is a very busy man so I don’t really get to see him as often as I would like. These last few days though have been great.  We have had some really nice quality time together. 

Some of the conversations were about how much I have changed since Christmas. My Dad and his wife Tracie said that last Christmas they were so worried about me because they noticed then how unfit and unhealthy I was. 

They also said that now I am a completely different person. They not only noticed how much thinner I am, they also noticed that I can do so much more activities now than I could at Christmas. While being here we have been walking and cycling. They commented that I would never have done that last Christmas. 

Tracie also took a photo one day of Matt,  my Dad and myself. As she took the photo she was waiting for me to push Matt in front of me so that I could hide myself behind him a bit. But I didn’t I just let her take it. 

She said that I would never let anyone take a picture of me before because I would always make sure one of the boys were standing in front of me. 

She is right. I have always hated having my photo taken I would always use the boys or Matt to hide behind and if they weren’t there I would run and find the nearest tree or something so I could be out of shot. 

She said that just that little thing of letting her take the picture showed them how much I have changed this year. She said that I have so much more confidence than I’ve ever had before. 

I like it when people notice more than the weight loss as a change because it makes me believe I am succeeding 


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