Day 308

Thursday 3rd November 2016. 

My Dad and his wife, Tracie, are people who love to play golf. Matt has been known to play on the odd occasion. I however have only ever played one game of nine holes about 17 years ago and I wasn’t very good at that. 

Golf is something that has never really appealed to me. I can’t really see the attraction myself. 

Today though my Dad, Tracie and Matt went to play. I either had to stay behind or go and watch. If it was last year I would have stayed behind because the thought of doing it sounded tiring. Today though a went to watch. 

I wasn’t really looking forward to it, I thought I was going to be really bored. 

Before the game started there was some time for me to have a go at putting. The first one went in the right direction heading straight for the hole but I hit it way to hard. The next one was not as hard but totally missed the hole because a bump in ground made it go off into a different direction. 

The game then started and Matt played his first 9 holes really well – the ball generally went in the right direction. Tracie did okay, however my Dad seemed to end up in the bushes or the trees. Matt doesn’t hit the ball as far as my Dad but he reminded me that golf is a game of direction and not of distance. Because he hit the ball in the right direction he was keeping it on the fairway and scored better. 

It got me thinking that, before when I have been on a diet, I start off by going in the right direction but after a while I have found that I run out of steam and ended up giving up.  But this time I’ve just tried to maintain the right direction – I haven’t got bogged down with how far but have been more concerned about keeping my direction right. 

Today though I had a really nice day. I sat in the golf buggy and drew today’s picture, and I enjoyed watching them play golf. The scenery was also amazing, I also took lots of photos.

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