Day 304

Sunday 30th October 2016

This morning we had an extra hour in bed because it’s that time of year again when the clocks go back. 

I have always loved it when you get an extra hour of the day.

All I wanted to do was use it wisely and catch up on some sleep. But no, I woke up early instead because by the time the morning came around I had forgotten and I didn’t change the clock by my bed. 

I then woke Matt up saying he was going to be late – his response was it’s only ten past six in the morning! It then dawned on me about the extra hour. I was then really annoyed with myself because I totally wasted that extra hour. Matt wasn’t too happy either.

I may have wasted that hour but one thing I am really glad about is the fact I haven’t wasted the year. 

In previous years if I think back to any accomplishments I have done in that year I wouldn’t have said I had achieved very much. 

I find that time goes by so quickly that you could blink and miss it half the time. That is how I have been in previous years. I do have some memorable moments but nothing I could say that I really accomplished anything in. 

This year, though, I am happy I haven’t wasted my time. I am doing things that I will remember forever, I have done a whole lifestyle change and learnt so much along the way. I have overcome so many emotional battles that I have lived with for years and I have lost weight in the process. 

So I may have wasted that hour but at least I am not wasting my year!

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