Day 300

Wednesday 26th October 2016

Today we have one of those days that never happens unexpectedly. The boys have loved the surfing so much that they have decided to go for the whole day. Which means today it’s just me and Matt. 

Before this year we wouldn’t really spend too much time alone together. The boys have very much been the priority. This year though we have been going on quite a lot of walks. 

Matt has helped me a lot this year, he has given me support when I needed it, he has turned down work because he wants to help me through this. He has been there to hold my hand every step of the way. 

Without Matt’s support I would never have done so well. 

I find though, as time goes by and I am getting more into good habits, while Matt still gives his support I am not necessarily taking it. 

I have started to wonder if that is not a good idea because at the minute I am struggling to stay motivated. I try but I think if I took Matt’s help I might cope a lot better because a problem shared is a problem halved they say. And that’s what husbands are for after all!

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