Day 298

Monday 24th October 2016

First night in the caravan. The last time we were all in the caravan together the kids were so much smaller, which makes it feel very cramped now.  The only person who has got smaller is me!

I have never really enjoyed sleeping in the caravan because the bed is so small.

My feet touch one end and my head touches the other. I don’t think people of 5’9″ can really be completely comfortable. 

The thing is the bed is not very wide either. I have always in the past felt like I have been hanging off the side. I also have to lie straight because there isn’t enough room to bend your legs up and I end up waking up with a bad back and still tired from a sleepless night.

Last night though I had the best sleep I have ever had in the caravan. I am not hanging off the side anymore I could even bend my legs to the side with room to spare which meant my height wasn’t a problem 

So really I have come to the conclusion today, that it’s wasn’t the bed that wasn’t wide enough but it was just me that was too wide. 

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