Day 297

Sunday 23rd October 2016

So we are off on our little holiday to the coast. We are driving towing the caravan behind. 

It has been a least 4 years since our last caravan holiday. It is usually a great time away for the family. Living in a small confined space means we have to talk to each other. I have always loved caravan holidays because it’s great family time. 

One thing I have noticed is when pulling a caravan it puts quite a lot of strain on the car. You can feel it working overtime to pull it. We have a very good car for towing but I could still feel the car working harder. 

That is how it has been for me for years.  Instead of pulling the extra weight I was carrying it but it was still a big strain on my body. I think the fact that my body has worked overtime for many years there would have come a time where it couldn’t have coped with the strain anymore. 

The fact that this year I have made a huge lifestyle change and lost lots of weight has reduced the amount of strain I am putting on my body. 

I am also aware that I am still quite a long way off my goal. So my body is still working harder than it should but it’s definitely an improvement on last year.

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