Day 296

Saturday 22nd October 2016

Yesterday the kids broke up for the half term holidays so we have decided to take them away for a few days which meant that I woke up this morning in a panic with a great big long list of jobs I had to do. 

Usually when packing to go away I have to do a lot to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything. I would be running around the house like a headless chicken.  It would also take me all day to do and I would get very tired in the process. 

One thing I noticed today though is that by lunch time all the jobs were done and I didn’t get as tired either.

It must be because I am 5 half stone lighter! It means I am getting through jobs an awful lot quicker and I have saved time in doing so. 

It has meant that I could catch up on other jobs that I was going to do when I got back. 

It has made me realise that I do things now at a lot faster pace. I didn’t really notice that I was slow before but I think you work to a pace you can handle and now I can obviously handle a lot more than I could before. 

Start weight 21st 5lbs

15st 13.8lbs. ⬅️➡️. 75.2lbs⬇️total

Start weight 136.5kg

101.6kg. ⬅️➡️. 34.9kg⬇️total


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