Day 274

Friday 30th September 2016

Growing up I have always thought that I had nothing of value to offer. I grew up in a very normal family with a Mum and Dad an older brother and a younger sister. 

My brother and sister were always very confident, they had no real issues at school and they could talk with confidence. I however was shy, I tried at school but didn’t do very well – I think it was because I was dyslexic and in those days they didn’t know what to do with kids like that so school always made me feel like I was thick.

I found as well that I couldn’t really have a good conversation because I would either lose my train of thought or end up stumbling over my words. 

I always felt a little inferior around other people. I thought they had so much to offer and that I didn’t quite hit the mark.  I felt I had nothing to offer of value at all. I felt I had no talents at all. 

About 15 years ago I went on a course called Servant Makers. It was a course where a group of people would meet up a weekend a month. 

On that course I learnt a lot. One thing that I still remember to this day is that if you deny your talents you are denying the gift you have been given, the gift that God has given you. 

I have always been quite creative. I love to draw, sew, paint – I basically love creating things from nothing. I however thought that this wasn’t a talent, it was just something I liked to do and anyone can do it. 

What I learnt though on this course is that everyone can’t do it and I need to learn to treasure it because it is a gift I have. 

Keeping my treasure (talents) hidden is not helping me reach my full potential. 

I wouldn’t say I am an artist – I would say I am someone who loves to draw and to me it’s what I do and it’s special to me. It means something to me and I have found that, since I have stopped denying it and started to value it more, it has allowed me to appreciate my strengths and weaknesses.  Talents aren’t all based around academic things. 

The fact that I draw has really helped me express myself. It has helped me overcome so much, especially this year. 

So don’t keep your talents hidden, don’t deny them because it’s what makes you who you are, and who knows where it will lead. 

Start weight 21st 5lbs

15st 13.5lbs. 0.4lbs⬆️.  75.5lbs⬇️total

Start weight 136.5kg

101.4kg.       0.2kg⬆️.     35.1kg⬇️total


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