Day 245

Thursday 1st September 2016

I woke up this morning feeling a lot more tired than normal. It’s not surprising though after my climb up Snowdon yesterday. 

Yesterday I felt I coped OK with the climb.  I struggled a lot on the last half hour of the climb though. Matt helped and encouraged me every step of the way I would never have finished the climb without him. I was in pain with every step but I am very proud of myself that I did it.

When it was then time to come down we did opt to get the train but at the last minute I said no because I felt it was a cop-out. I know my aim was to climb Snowdon but if I didn’t go down as well I felt it was like I had failed. So I didn’t get on the train. 

The walk down was still tough because by this time my legs were aching really bad. The trickiest part was the top which was steeper and had lots of loose rock. I found myself slipping on a few occasions.

It was really tough about an half an hour from the end. It was only a slight down hill and the track at this point was so much better. But my legs were hurting so much. 

I went down without stopping – I had to or I felt I would never get moving again. Matt and Dec (my son) had to go back another way to get the car and I knew they were waiting.

There was one point when Jake, my youngest, asked me a question after already asking it about 50 times and I lost it totally. 

Grant my eldest though was brilliant – he played Bob Marley’s ‘Don’t worry about a thing’ on his phone. I have to say it boasted me on no end. 

Towards the end I was beginning to lose the will to live, I was feeling a failure because I was going so slow. All I knew was that walking was the only way down and, no matter how slow, unless I carried on I was going to be stuck there all night. 

Grant was brilliant – he helped me every step of the way. He was a great encourager. When I felt a failure 20 minutes before the end he said “look at what you have done. Look at what you have achieved even now, when you want to quit, you are still moving” I couldn’t have got down without him. 

Now though I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would. I am aching but I have been walking about a fair bit today. 

My feet however are swollen – I can’t squeeze into my shoes any more and I have lots of blisters. 

I have always hated putting my feet on the cold kitchen floor but today it has been a God send. 

Ok, so I have got swollen blistered feet, but today I feel immensely proud of myself. 

Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 7.8lbs.    0.4lbs⬇️.       67.2lbs⬇️total

Start weight 136.5kg

105.1kg.            0.2kg⬇️. . 31.6kg⬇️total


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