Day 242

Monday 29th August 2016

We have had a lovely few days in Devon. We have spent our time walking mainly. But we have also played a lot of cards. 

We seem to like playing cards as a family. I have to really watch the kids though because they can cheat. 

I remember once that all the cheating was annoying me and I said “if you are going to cheat you can leave the table right now!!” So my youngest got up out of his chair and said “ok” and then left. 

I am usually pretty good at cards. This weekend though I haven’t won one game (they must be cheating again!).

It got me thinking about having to play the hand that is dealt me.

That is true in life too. I have only been given one life that is what I was dealt.  

I shouldn’t go looking at other people and think, I wish I looked like her, I wish I was that thin, she seems to have her life all sorted and I want that. 

I have never looked at other people and been jealous of them but I have looked and wanted to be like them. I heard a saying once “just be yourself because everyone else is taken” – that is so true. 

I do think though that most people in general have something they don’t like about themselves.  I know I do. 

I just need to appreciate myself more and not wish I was like someone else. Because, let’s face facts, I am too tall to be ten stone – I think I would look really ill if I was!

So I think we all need to learn to live with the hand that we are dealt and learn to be more content with who we are. 

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2 thoughts on “Day 242

  1. Being jealous that you want what someone else has isn’t good, but aspiring to be like someone else (if they are a good role model) one’s jealousy of their characteristics is a very positive type of jealousy.


  2. Thanks Deb for that very timely reminder! Learning to be content with what we have been given in this life is really hard work sometimes but well worth the peace it brings us.

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