Day 240

Saturday 27th August 2016

My mum has a holiday home in Branscombe on the south coast of Devon. I have been going there every year since I was a child and now I find that I take my kids every year too. 

I have visited the surrounding area many times. However there is a cave that you can go to but I have never been. Today we thought we would go. 

I really wasn’t prepared mentally on the walk I was about to take. We ended up walking down a track where you had to climb over logs and rocks then the path got narrower and you would get scratched by thorns, stung by all the stingers and then whacked in the face by the person infront after they let go of a branch. At one point I was crawling on my hands and knees to avoid the thorny overhead branches. 

If that wasn’t bad enough the path then got steeper. After a while there was a rope to help you. I should have thought right there that the path was going to get worse and I should turn back, but no, stupid me continued. 

The rope was very much needed – I would never have done it without it. Eventually we came out of the bushes to see the cave infront of us. The only thing is that it was high up. 

The only way you could get to the cave was now full-on climbing. I worked so hard and then I failed at the final hurdle. 

There was no way I was getting up there.

In the past when I have been on a diet that was exactly what has happened. I would try really hard and do really well. Then I would even see my final goal and then when things got tougher, my willpower went and my belief that I could do it went too, eventhough my support (the rope) continued to help me until the end. Previously I had let myself down and I am determined that I am not going to let it happen this time.

I couldn’t wait to get back down because I am now aching in places that I didn’t even realise existed and my waterproof jacket is not quite so waterproof anymore!

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