Day 234

Sunday 21st August 2016

For the last few years I’ve only had one watch. I figured that because I only have one wrist that I wear it on means that I only need one. 

Matt, however, back in April treated me to a new watch. Eventhough I love the new watch I also still have the old one. Since getting the new one I have found that I have worn it all the time and I haven’t even looked at the old one. 

My old watch has always been a little tight. 

I have had it a long time and as I put weight on I failed to adjust the strap. 

Today I fancied a change and I put my old watch back on. However this time it wasn’t tight, in fact it is now really loose. I could do with taking at least 3 links out of it.

I get people giving me compliments all the time. Saying how much I have changed, how slim I am looking, how well I am doing. Eventhough I hear the compliments I don’t always believe them. 

Sometime the realisation comes in something as simple as a loose fitting watch. 

So this morning I was very happy I chose the old watch because it made me see that it’s all been worth it. 

Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 7.3lbs.    0.7lbs⬇️.     67.7lbs⬇️total

Start weight 136.5kg

104.9kg.        0.3kg⬇️.     31.4kg⬇️total

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