Day 218

Friday 5th August 2016

I said a few months back that I was finding it weird going in regular shops to buy clothes and how I still found myself going in the plus size shops instead.

Now though I realise that I haven’t been shopping in a plus size shop for a long time. I think that transition has happened naturally. 

I find now that I go in regular shops with regular sizes but I find I don’t know what size to choose I know that I don’t pick anything larger than a 16 or lower than a 14 but I can’t look and say that will fit and buy it. My mum shops that way and they always fit. I have to say I used to do that too. I find now that I physically have to go into the changing room and try it on. 

While in there I always seem to worry that it’s going to be to tight and I end up splitting a seam or something. 

In the past I have tried on clothes that are too tight and I end up getting stuck in a funny position and someone having to help me out of it. Fortunately every time it has happened my mum has been there and come to my rescue!

I have to admit that I have also ripped a seam before or I think I have as while taking off the garment I heard that dreaded noise as if I had ripped something but I’m usually too scared to look and check. I just hang it back on the hanger and leave the shop. You probably  think I am such a terrible person now!

While trying on clothes today I half expected it to happen again but no. I ended up buying a smaller size.

Trying on clothes has never really been an enjoyable experience for me. I have always bought clothes that fit but don’t have too much style or a nice shape to them. 

I find now that I can buy clothes that are a bit more stylish and have a nicer shape. Clothes that can actually go in a little at the waist. These new styles and shapes are making me enjoy the experience a lot more. However it will mean that Matt will start worrying more over our bank balance too. 

Start weight 21st 5lbs

16st 7lbs      1.2lbs⬇️.      68lbs⬇️total

Start weight 136.5kg

104.8kg.     0.5kg⬇️.        32.2kg⬇️total


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