Day 215

Tuesday 2nd August 2016

After traveling for 13 hours in the car, we finally made it home this morning.

We travel to France so often that I am very used to it by now. We usually go in the winter, skiing, and for the summer.

I have never really minded the journey before. This time however I noticed a big difference. 

I seemed to have so much more room in my seat. It’s like I’ve shrunk!!!

I am happy the seat was so big this time as it gave me more space to move around in. It was a lovely feeling having more room. I haven’t really appreciated it before.

I have never really noticed being cramped but I do find that at the end of such a long journey I get restless legs and usually a few hours before the end of a long journey I am desperate to get out. I am usually in pain the next day too. 

This time I have had none of that. It must have been because of the extra space!

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