Day 214

Monday 1st August 2016

Today I am sitting in the car on our drive home from our holiday in France.

I always find that when you travel you get totally dehydrated normally I would go in the nearest service station and buy myself a Coke. 

When I go out for a meal I would always order a Coke or diet Coke. 

At one time in my life I always had Coke or some kind of pop in the house. It has been many years now that I only buy it on certain occasions. I tried to ween myself and the kids off it and we drank a lot of squash instead.

Since I have been on my lifestyle change I have only been able to drink water or black tea. Considering that before I only drank squash, tea with milk and the occasional Coke I, at first, I found it really hard. 

I have never been much of a drinker of alcohol. I don’t like wine but I have been know to have the occasional cocktail. So losing alcohol never bothered me at all.

I found changing my squash to water the hardest. But I also found eating out hard because I couldn’t have my usual Coke. 

I don’t have sugar in anything anymore (only natural sugars).  A can of Coke contains 10 spoons of sugar and a small bottle contains 17. Diet Coke, eventhough it is less calories, the sugar substitutes are not much better. So I can see why it was never allowed on my food list. 

However when you go out socially and all you are drinking is water it can be very boring. 

Jenny has told me that I can have some  natural cordial like elderflower and drink it with sparkling water. I have to say when eating out it definitely makes a difference. Most of the time I am still drinking water but if I go out now at least I can drink something with a bit more flavour.

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